Question: A few years back my husband and I were getting ready for bed when we heard our son grumbling from his room. As we were about to go in to see what was wrong he started yelling and came busting through the door eyes wide open but sound asleep. We watch him rant and rave for a minute before finally deciding that the couch was the enemy and began kicking the couch.
He rarely walks in his sleep but talks fairly often. I have to wake him up in the night to see if he needs to use the bathroom and throughout the whole process he never wakes up. I just get him up and tell him to go use the bathroom and sometimes he goes right in there and does it and other times he goes to brush his teeth or comb his hair or maybe heads for the pantry for a snack. We just never know but he does it all in his sleep.I also did this as a child, to the point my parents had to block doors to keep me from walking outside. I still have a problem with my sleep at night and have to take an anti-anxiety medication or some kind of sleep aid. I hope my son doesn’t have to take medication to sleep at night but I guess there could be worse things.