Question: This is, hands down, one of the creepiest dreams I have ever experienced. It is very short but nonetheless scary. The real question that still remains to this day is, was it really a dream?
In my dream I was walking down a dark, deserted alleyway. It was obviously nighttime, and a dangerous place to be walking by myself. I didn’t know why I was there or how I got there, but I just kept walking. I eventually hit a dead end, and turned around to face a mob of hooded figures. I called out to them asking them who they were and why they had followed me, but they did not answer. I could not see their faces, but could only hear their labored breaths escaping from the darkness inside their coats. I was not afraid, strangely, for it seems to make sense that I would find this situation scary in real life. I turned around once more to where the dead end was, but the wall had transformed into another small passageway that was too dark to see through.The figures behind me crept closer, and even though I had no other way to go, for some reason I knew that I should not go. As I turned to face the mysterious passageway once more, I felt a searing pain in my left wrist and as I looked down I saw a disfigured hand clench around my wrist, dragging me into the passageway.At this point I woke up startled in the middle of the night, but went back to sleep shortly afterward. When I woke up in the morning having forgotten that I had a terrifying nightmare, I felt pain in my left wrist. I looked down and saw slight bruises covering my wrist and at that moment, remembered my dream from earlier in the night. The bruises seemed to match a pattern of fingers enclosed around my wrist, which really creeped me out. Since that morning, I can only think that it was myself who grabbed my left wrist with my right hand, reacting to the figure grabbing my wrist in the dream. What I still dont understand, though, is how I could have inflicted this pain on myself, enough to cause a bruise. Of course it was no one else around me physically that night, so who could it have been?
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