Question: My girlfriend and I just had a baby together. I suffered from sleep disorders for many years, including sleep walking and sleep eating. I was taking Ambien from my doctor. I awoke in the middle of the night, checked on the kids. The four year old had wet the bed. I stripped the sheets off, sprayed a stain cleaner on the sheets and went back to bed. In the am the little girl said I sprayed her in the eyes with the stain cleaner. I had very little recollection and still don’t.
My girlfriend was coerced into providing states evidence that I hurt her child intentionally. I spent 5 years in prison, lost a fantastic medical career and no one would listen to my long history of sleepwalking and Ambien use. My mom, dad and family know that I have sleepwalked since I was a little boy. I’d get up, eat a meal and go back to bed. The next day I didn’t remember spraying her in the eyes.I’ve got at least 5 people who could have substantiated my condition yet the attorney I hired was buddies with the district judge. I didn’t know or realize this until after I was convicted. I lost everything I had worked my ass off for. I blame and still hold my girlfriend responsible for ruining my life and my son’s. Luckily, no one sustained injuries except my career and livelihood.My son is 7 years old now. I picked him up this evening and the first thing he said was, “daddy, do you sleepwalk?” This question about blew my mind. His mom had told him that I sleepwalk and yet she protected herself and sent me to prison so she wouldn’t be held responsible for child abuse and failure to protect her child.I am still a bit blown away by his comments and question. I had medical, psychological and pharmaceutical evidence that the attorney never presented. Later I also found out he was running for city council and that would have jeopardized his political interests. What a bunch of losers I involved myself with, I still pay for it because now I’m a convicted felon with a violent crime. I had an illustrious career in healthcare and it has been obliterated by Ana evil person. I do believe in God and Karmic law. What comes around goes around. My future is educating myself and others about sleep disorders. It ruined my life.