Question: The night before or sometimes a few nights leading up before I go to a theme park of any kind I can’t sleep. My body goes into panic mode and I just feel sick and I shake a lot and it’s just horrible. This can often continue after I’ve been to the theme park for weeks or occasionally months. This has happened for me for 7 years whenever I go to an event like this and I can’t continue my life like this. The problem is that I don’t feel bad while I’m there its just before and after. If I tell any of my family members they’ll worry about me and I don’t want to burden them.
I think the problem is a fear of death and what might happen while I’m there, like falling out of a ride or being taken by someone while I’m there or something happening to a family member. I need help to stopping this feeling and being able to sleep and not be sick for months on end after this one day out. I’ve considered councillors but I don’t know if they’ll help.I do believe that the main fear is in death, but how do I stop being scared of death?This whole situation is a mess I know its difficult to wrap your head around really. I just don’t know what to do anymore.