Question: I’m presently twenty years of age and since as far back as I can remember whenever I would wake up from a good night’s rest and fall back to sleep I would get stuck and not be able to move. I feel as if I am awake and can see everything but can’t move any part of my body, just my eyes. I can’t scream or talk all I can do is make a soft noise.
I hate the feeling so much. I try to pray to myself during these times and sometimes that works but not often. The only way I can come out of this is if I relax and lye there and after a while I’m able to kick which is the only way I can get up which is hard when I feel as if I can’t move.I have waken up and scared people in the room with me by kicking the wall or jumping up. Once a cousin of mine was in the bed with me and she heard me make the noise and woke me up. This was the best moment I’ve ever had during one of these times. Now she knows if she ever hears me doing that, to awake me.I used to feel like I’m awake because there were times when I would ask the people who were in the room with me if they did certain things and I was correct. But recently I discovered sometimes I’m dreaming because I haven’t been correct lately. It’s the scariest feeling in the world.Kevin: Hey Lanera, thanks for sharing this. Sleep paralysis can be incredibly crazy and frightening, but if you keep learning about it you’ll be able to understand it better, and that can help a lot. In fact, this book by a man who’s studied and experienced sleep paralysis for almost two decades, is full of strategies and stories about taking control of these episodes, using them as good experiences rather than very negative ones. I hope it helps. All the best,Kevin