Question: I’m a 16 year old female … for the past 8-12 months I have been through a lot of stress mainly due to a family feud resulting in a assault committed against me by my mother’s ex partner. Due to that incident I have had to attend several court cases, which has built a huge amount of stress and depression causing me to self harm.
Once that was over with I had to begin to study for my GCSE exam which also added extra stress and worry to me as I had had in total 29 days off school due to court cases and a series of suicide attempts with in my most vital months of school this has strongly impacted me and has made me unable to sleep as much.By March my sleeping patterns disappeared completely, I went from sleeping at least 8 hours per night to me being able to not sleep for days… In April I found out my grandad has stomach cancer and is rapidly deteriorating and has been given an 4-6 months life expectancy … after finding out this I went completely off the rails I began to stay up with friends for the whole weekend drinking then I would have a maximum of 5 hours sleep on a sunday night before school the next day…I have now finished sitting my GCSE exams which results will affect my whole life but even when I was sitting them I wasn’t physically able to get to sleep which was driving me mad I was will to try anything to sleep and at one point the only thing that could make me fall asleep was if I self-harmed which was emotionally and mentally draining … although I lacked sleep somehow I still managed to have quite a lot of energy which really confuses me…Basically I’m a teenage girl who need help/advice on how to sleep, I will try anything to have a decent nights sleep, it has now been just under 49 hour since I last slept and I feel so drained and lifeless but I cant sleep could this be due to a build up of stress which will disappear shortly or could this due to another reason such as insomnia or depression and is there any form of fast method to make me sleep with out harming myself in anyway?