Question: I’ve never felt this before and am so comforted to know it’s not uncommon. Last night, after having just drifted off to sleep, I dreamed that I was speaking with another person who was crying and holding back on telling me about something traumatic that had happened to them. I reached out to touch that person’s hand. Suddenly their eyes rolled to the back of their head and they charged at me, pinning me against a wall. I couldn’t breathe or scream or move. I could sense that it was a dream and tried to wake up but couldn’t move and felt pressure on my chest. I slowly tried to move, but felt so exhausted for just making the effort.
I thought I woke up and splashed water on my face, only to realize that I was still asleep and dreaming. When I did finally wake and get out of bed, I had this eerie feeling like there was an evil presence in my home and that I was being watched. I was terrified. I checked all of my windows and doors and locked my bedroom door. I was too scared to go back to sleep. Awful! Does anyone know why many of us get this evil or creepy feeling when we’re in it?