Question: I sometimes wish to stay sleeping just because I find my dreams more pleasant than my reality. I work overnight from 10pm-7am with random days throughout the week. Most of the time I stay awake for 24hrs with the help of coffee. I feel as drained as a raisin and most often I sleep more than 8hr, possibly 10-15. My life is a mess I want to go back to school to earn a decent job. I fail because my lack of concentration or motivation. I stop smoking weed after 10 years. Its my 5th month free I used to sleep better when I was high. I have a great feeling this is all due to my lack of sleep and exercise.
Kevin: Dang man, 10-7 AM on random days is a really tough schedule. That’ll play menacing games with your circadian rhythms. Hey, if you’re looking to find a job with some really sustainable income that could free you to work on your own hours, I recommend you check out SBI (link to an intro video). If you have a passion you know something about they have the tools to turn what you know into continuous income. They’re the set of tools I use to build this site, and they’re really unparalleled in how much they teach you and how great the community is to be a part of. Check it out man, it could be the first step towards freeing yourself for the rest of your life.