Question: I’m 26 and I consider myself a regular lucid dreamer.
Since I was a child I tended to have vivid dreams and used to remember them in the morning. This vivid dreams caused somehow some scoldings from my parents because I reacted a little violently when they were waking me up. Of course you would react the same way if somehow the reality you are living change dramatically in a few seconds. If I was in a vivid dream and was force to awake I ended in a panic/alert state.My dreams were so vivid that to avoid being scolded I started to pay an extra attention to my reality around. Maybe this was the main reason that I started to have lucid dreams. I started to enter in some kind of awareness state in the dreams, allowing to identify regularly some “weird” things in my reality. This was the clue to identify a lucid dream.The hardest part was to take some control over my dream. You have to be a bit daring to do it. You have to “force a kiss” in that girl, to “punch” that guy, “to open that door” and wait for the reaction to confirm it was a dream. My heart was always pumping the first times. You might say that maybe just asking a weird question could be easier, but let me tell you that, somehow, is easier to control your actions than your thoughts while dreaming (at least for me).I soon realized the best way for me was to put my hands over my eyes. You don’t need your eyes to see while dreaming, at least not me. Instead of seeing black with my eyes covered I kept watching everything, so that was how I started to quickly identify lucid dreams. This lucid control helped me to NOT awake violently and to keep calm in dreams and also in reality.I learned about lucid dreaming three years ago. Before that I thought that we all were the same in this thing. I suspect that I have some narcoleptic traits also. Maybe this is a cause to have regular vivid dreams that I learned to make them in lucid dreams.I had solved some academic problems/question, dated some girls, had deep conversations with people, met some random friends, but the thing that I hate the most are money related dreams because they are the hardest to identify. I mean, you find some money and you save them and you realize too late it is a dream, and you didn’t use all the money in time. That hurts.Take a pillow and make yourself a lucid dreamer.