Question: I think I have to be the most honest person I know. Tonight when I went in to bed, I told my boyfriend I loved him as I was trying to snuggle up to him. He told me “That’s untrue.” I asked what’s untrue and he countered with something I didn’t understand and then clearly said “All your lies.”
Is this his subconscious talking? Does he really think I’m lying to him about my feelings and other things? Normally he says funny and off the wall things so I usually like talking back to him when he starts, but tonight it was just upsetting and now I can’t sleep and so I came looking for an answer… if there is one.And more importantly should I tell him about this and ask him when he’s awake if this is how he truly feels or if there are doubts in his mind? Could this be why that would have come out in his sleep talking tonight? Doubts of my sincerity?