Question: Nameless presence, or Mara, how it’s called in some parts of Europe, has been around mankind since start of civilization. First thing you have to know about Mara is that it is aethereal creature and that it feeds on your fear and anger.
Our society is sadly built on fear, starting from fear from rude neighbours, burglars, terrorists, serial killers, and we are taught to use anger to fight fear, which is actually like putting the fire out with oil.So there is plenty of food these days for Mara, which makes them more present in our lives. But their strength is their main weakness, for without fear, they become irrelevant, a mere nuisance no greater than hungry mosquito. And that’s what in reality they are, having no power to harm us mentally or physically, they are a threat no greater than swamp leech.Main source of fear however comes from the fact that we are not in control of the body, lying helpless during sleep paralysis. And as we desperately struggle to send a signal to our hand to raise it, our hand remains still and fear builds up in our body.But the truth is, we are not inside our physical body at that moment, but in our aethereal body. The easiest way to move aethereal body is to blow it around, like a balloon. So next time instead of focusing on evil presence, focus on yourselves, feel the aetheral currents that run upwards from the earth and try to float up on them. If you don’t feel like floating around, just sing a song you like while waiting till body regains vigor. Personal favorite melody is a strong shield, because it produces its own emotion that can counter Mara.Remember, the only thing that can harm you is your own fear.