Question: I had my first experience with sleep paralysis last night.
I had heard about binaural beats and thought I would try them out of curiosity. I went to sleep listening to it and had some pretty strange dreams. However, the music only lasted 8 hours so I woke up in the early hours of the morning when it ended. I stayed up for a little while before trying to get some sleep again. I went to sleep and started off with some dreams. However, it suddenly all changed. I woke up. At least, I knew I was in bed and conscious but I couldn’t move. I realised two things in quick succession. One that my whole body was shaking, two that there was someone in bed next to me.I was facing the wall so I couldn’t see what it was, I could just feel the pressure of it on my back. I also knew that this thing was evil.Just as I was trying to figure out what to do, the screams started. It began with just one, a man’s scream, but was soon joined by millions of them all screaming inside my head. I knew it was in my head but it was still giving me a headache. I was panicking and trying to shout but nothing would come out. I eventually forced myself to wake up properly (with a lot of effort). Just as I did I felt something breathe in my ear.All together I wouldn’t describe it as an enjoyable experience. I was scared and confused at the time but I am now extremely curious. This may sound weird but I want to experiment with the paralysis and see what happens.I have tried to do research on how to induce it but the Internet only seems to be full of people trying to get rid of it (which is obviously understandable).I am going to try the binaural beats again but I was wondering if anyone has anymore tips on how to induce sleep paralysis? Thanks 🙂