Question: Although I’ve often had dreams where I was chased multiple times, rarely have I been traumatized this deeply or had such a vivid recall of the experience.
It began as in a random house, in a neighborhood that I often walked through. I was sitting down with another guy and a girl I seem to have pulled right out of a scary short story that I read before falling asleep that night.The girl was spoiled. She generally stayed to herself while I was having some conversation with the other guy, while watching some younger children play around in the kitchen we were situated in. That was when something changed. All of a sudden, things grew dark and zombies appeared to stumble through the open windows and doors. Needless to say, we all screamed and ran outside for dear life. Somehow, I ended up sitting behind the other guy in my dream on a motorcycle, while the younger children and the girl raced away on bicycles instead. We traveled down the neighborhood until the spoiled girl decided that she was too tired to keep on biking and then jumped off of her bike and grabbed hold of me. Although we were tempted to make her get off (as the motorcycle was then overloaded), we were afraid of the presence chasing after us and kept on going.We eventually stopped to rest right in front of a giant oak tree, during which I rested against the side of the tree. I realized, somehow, that the tree was actually a house for a witch, from whom we hoped to obtain guidance from. We all clambered down the stair into her subterranean home and there sat down, discussing how we could avoid this zombie/monster horde.After a while, the scene shifted again, and she became an evil malevolent monster, and she let the horde into her home, trapping us underground, between her and her minions. We ran in vain through the tunnels that under lied her home, and kept on running and running and running….and then I woke up with a start. That was the end of that dream.
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