Question: My boyfriend is a napper, sleeper etc. He takes a nap pretty much every day. He falls asleep
and within minutes starts talking out loud a gibber jabber talk or he becomes hateful and cusses a lot. He will just say fuck you fuck you fuck you out loud in his sleep…and its like he’s angry…One time I tried to wake him up…he woke up and just punched my face (he wasn’t aware I was there)I ended up with a broken nose and he ended up going to jail because I was bleeding so bad and he wouldn’t help me so I had to call an ambulance…he doesn’t remember one thing…he was arrested and had to pay $6,000 to a bails bondsman.My boyfriend is usually a very loving man – and has been a lot lately but just now I just kissed his forehead while sleeping telling him I loved him and he did the kid tongue thing like a kid pluhhhhhhh and goes yeah right…like a little kid and pretty much just sounded like a child…other times he talks but almost lately he’s been kind of violent sounding…what causes this behavior?