Question: I’m a 41 year old male and have a lifetime of “funny” episodes where I acted out dreams. I used to think I was just a “sleepwalker”, and that it was just something I and my wife had to deal with.
Here’s a typical incident, which happened last week: I pulled my wife out of bed and into the hallway from our bedroom. I don’t remember doing any of it, but I remember the dream I was having at the time. I dreamed the house was flooding and we needed to get out, and I acted it out in real life. Generally I wake up after my wife turns on a light, and I don’t know how we got into the hall until I remember the dream.My wife has been great about it, especially since I’ve told her that in my dreams I’m saving her in some way, but it really is starting to impinge on our ability to get a good nights sleep. Now I have to go see my Dr. and explain this craziness to him. Hopefully I can find something that will stop these episodes.Kevin: Best of luck with the doctor visits Jeff! Feel free to update this page with how it goes. Hearing about your experience with the doctor would likely help out others who are getting ready to do the same thing :-)All the best,Kevin