Question: I am 14 years old and I have this disorder. I wrote an essay to my English teacher about how one of my goals was to go to sleep earlier, for I did not have knowledge of this disorder. My English teacher decided to talk to a sociologist about my issue and, for a while, I was mad at her. However, I knew that It was not due to sleep and i found this disorder and read about it.
I now know that i have this disorder and am so happy that i discovered it. As i am writing this it is almost 2am and my parents think i am sleeping. I wish i was normal and could go to bed at a normal hour. However, i am an optimistic person and focus on the positives. For example, i am highly focused at night and do my homework during the night. This way i have the entire day to do whatever i want. I am going to get a doctors opinion on my disorder but, i know, that if i have to live with this disorder i will make it a positive aspect of my life.