Question: I am 15 years old and have always had trouble getting to sleep straightaway. I have experianced sp before.. it is a horrible experiance. Last night i experianced yet another SP .. I was tossing and turning trying to fall asleep.. I drifted off but felt my head being raised up and my body lifting out of my bed.. I am not sure if this is an sp? But i was so frightened.. i was trying to scream.. but nothing would come out.. It was as if i had No voice..
It lasted for about 10 seconds then i just fell back asleep then today i fell asleep watching t.v and it happened again! it was like my body being raised so i was sat up kind of thing (its hard to explain!!) But then i saw a spider on my wall (my biggest fear) crawling towards me.. And i was yet again trying to scream for my mum.. But nothing was coming out.. I then woke up.. took me a few seconds to move and there was no spider.. it felt so real though.. i really need an explination.. i’m frigthened to sleep!!

Answer: Hi Chloe, what you experienced does sound like sleep paralysis and the spider you saw was a hypnopompic hallucination. Feel free to click the links through to get some more information–hopefully it’s helpful.Also, what you describe about feeling your body being lifted up is something some SPers commonly feel. Sometimes it even turns into what’s described as an OBE, or out of body experience. Ryan Hurd talks about them wonderfully here at his Dream Studies site. If you like what you see you can also get more from Ryan here in his sleep paralysis book.

Thanks for your question and good luck,