Question: Last night i had a dream that i was in the elavotor in the ballymun blocks were my auntie arlene used to live. she lived on the 5th floor which was inconvenient for because before she lived in that flat her previous one went on fire which left her no choice but to jump out the window. because of this she had to always used the lift and not the stairs because her legs wernt able to climb so many stairs.
in my dream she says that she is not gettin in the lift and that she wud rather walk the stairs which was weird but i went ahead and got in it anyway. as soon as i got in the lift i had deja vu and im not sure it was because id had the same dream before or if it was because i used to always use the lift when she lived there.. anyway as soon as i got in the ligts start to flicker and i was picked up by my jumper and throwin against the four walls of the elevator and it was when this happened that i remembered a girl had died in the lift before. i was so scared i started talkin to the ghost, she was a child but she was nasty and in the dream i think i recognised her but im not so sure now. it isn’t the first time iv had this dream and i wonder what it means ??
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