Question: I’ve had several episodes of sleep paralysis, but they have always been when I was still “asleep”. I don’t know how to describe it, but in previous episodes I’ve still been dreaming (I know was dreaming because I was moving around) yet still conscious of what was happening and trying to get out of it. It’s weird, I know, but hard to describe.
Those ones have always involved demons of some sort. The thing that wakes me up during those episode is either a baby blue or baby pink reindeer running up to my bed; I see it and am deathly afraid of it (even though they’re harmless and kind of cute) then I scream inside of my “dream” and immediately wake up. I don’t know what the reindeer have to do with the end of my sleep paralysis, but even though they terrify me, I’m also somewhat relieved when they finally appear because I know it means it’s going to be over soon.Anyway, today’s was different. I laid down on my couch for a nap, and was woken up by what I can only describe as an electrical current going through my entire body and a loud buzzing sound (like electricity) in my head. I couldn’t move and immediately knew what was happening.I’ve always been told that if you “let go” during a SP and don’t try to fight it, it can bring on some pretty intense and awesome experiences, I wasn’t too afraid this time because it was in the middle of the afternoon so I figured I’d try it. I closed my eyes and gave in, and this turned out to be a HUGE mistake.The second I gave into the experience, the electrical current in my body got ten times worse to the point where it was unbearable and I felt like I was falling into a black hole. I decided that this was not the time to experience that type of sleep paralysis, so I brought myself back to the milder form. It then ended shortly after.Upon the end of that episode, I was still so tired that I couldn’t keep my eyes open… nor did I try to, because I figured I wouldn’t have another SP episode since I had just had one. Wrong again. The second I closed my eyes, the buzzing and electricity began again. During this one, nothing much happened except the buzzing/electricity. This happened twice in a row. Snapped out of the SP, opened my eyes, found out that I really couldn’t keep them open, the buzzing and electricity started again, the end.
This happened three times. When I snapped out of it the last time, I rolled over on to my side before closing my eyes again in the hopes that changing positions would end the cycle. LOL wrong again.This is where it got worse. I suppose you can guess what happened when I did close my eye, but it was a hundred times worse. First of all, when I opened my eyes, I had double vision and it seemed like everything was moving around in circles. Second of all, I couldn’t breathe. My breaths were really shallow, and at this point I was afraid that I was either having seizures or that I was going to suffocate. Third of all, I heard small footsteps approaching me. They stopped right at the foot of the couch and seemed to be just standing there staring at me. It was something small like maybe a demon or something, but I wasn’t scared because I got the impression that it was just curious. Unafraid of what it was or not, I couldn’t move my head to look at it even if I wanted to; I still didn’t want to know what it looked like or what it was. So I closed my eyes instead and waited for it to go away. I got scared because I was able to move my tongue, fingers, and toes after a while, but all of my limbs like my legs, arms, the ability to turn over still weren’t working. This worried me because I thought I was going to be stuck this way. Eventually this all ended and I sprung off the couch as soon as I regained movement. I was still tired to the point where it was nearly impossible to keep my eyes open, but there was no way I was going to let myself fall back asleep. Also, I should mention that this particular episode was strange because it was during the day and I was on my side. That’s never happened before. Another thing that was strange, is that the SP didn’t come out of REM sleep. It started right when I closed my eyes… and there is no possible way REM could come on less than a second after closing my eyes. Also, unlike other episodes, I was completely conscious of my surroundings. I could even hear my parents talking and what not. I was completely conscious and capable of thinking, and I had control over the way I responded to the SP, unlike past episodes.Either way, I think due to the consciousness, it was the scariest episode I’ve had thus far.