Question: I’m a junior in high school and I have AP/honors classes and soccer 4 days a week. I usually don’t start homework until 8 because my practices are usually 2-3 hrs long, and I typically stay up until 1:30-ish. The earliest I’ve gone to bed was 9:40 because I literally could not handle the stress and sleep deprivation.
I end up staying up so late that I actually zone out and start to “sleep write.” For example, I was doing APUSH notes last year and in the middle of a paragraph about Africa and slavery I fell asleep and woke up to “and then my mom wouldn’t let me take a picture of her without her permission”.Lately this has been happening a lot, even beginning at 10:00pm. I was doing math homework about a month ago and began falling asleep and woke up to “3x(23.5-4)=my sisters crayons..”Mind you this isn’t the only other time I’ve done this it happens all the time it’s just one of the ones I remember. I usually zone out for a few minutes and wake up to misspelled words, random words, or just scribbles/drawings.. Can anyone provide an explanation for this? And I suffer from social anxiety, I’ve already been to a therapist and that didn’t help at all. I’ve tried googling my symptoms but nothing relevant came up, and this never happens to anyone I know. I really would appreciate some explanation for this and a way to stop it because frankly it’s annoying.