Question: “Come on, Aliza,” my mom shouted to me. “Let’s go bring a pie to the new neighbors.”
“Okay, coming,” I responded. I grabbed my coat, and we walked out my door down the driveway to the first house on my street where our new neighbors had just moved into.Looking at my watch with annoyance, I expected to meet some boring couple. But everything changed when I rang the doorbell. Much to my surprise, Brad Pitt opened the door.”Hey,” he said, flashing his megawatt smile and dashing eyes in my direction. I felt like fainting.”Honey, the orphanage in Zimbabwe just called, they have 2 twins up for adoption. I said yes! Oh, hi, you must be the neighbors, I’m Angie,” Angelina Jolie replied.My mom looked at me, maintaining her composure and responded, “Wow, didn’t expect you guys to be the new neighbors here. Well, we brought you this” – she handed them the pie.After our brief encounter with our new celebrity neighbors, my mom and I walked back to our house in shock. I couldn’t believe it! Brad Pitt lived within shouting distance of my house…what?!The next day I couldn’t wait to tell all my friends at school, but as I was pulling my car out of my street I noticed something quite bizarre. There was a hotdog stand on the side of the road next to the mailboxes. And Brad Pitt was walking outside dressed in a hot dog suit.”Hey, want an after school job?” he shouted to me as I rolled down the window in utter awe. “We’re looking to hire some help running our new family business, “Brad and Angie’s Hot Diggity Dog Hot Dog Stand!”Of course, I dropped everything that I had to do that day, and presumably in my life, and became an employee. Brad and I became great friends, and I became the official nanny for the little international band of Pitt-Jolie children. Eventually I got my own reality show about working at Brad Pitt’s hot dog stand and became a celebrity myself.When I woke up the next morning, I was disappointed to find that my neighbors were just the normal people that currently lived in the first house on my street. I guess I can only meet Brad Pitt in my dreams 馃檪
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