Question: On some occasions, this morning included, I have a vidid dream in which I am having a conversation with someone. As I awake, I’m still talking to the person in my dream. I can’t stop talking because I want this person to finish hearing my thought.
But there is no other person. It is all a dream. Yet the talking out loud is real. And I get confused why the person in the dream doesn’t answer me.Then when I’m fully awake I nevertheless continue to talk. When I’m finished talking, and I realize that it was all a dream and no one is there to answer me, I feel stupid. Why stupid? Because I realize that it was a dream yet I can’t control the talking – I must finish my thought, and to finish my thought.I continue to talk out loud to the person who existed only in my dream. It bothers me because at the moment that I realize it’s all a dream I can’t figure out why I continue to talk anyway.