Question: Me, my mom, and my dad are at a hotel. I’m in the swimming pool and my parents are somewhere else. Suddenly, there is a loud emergency ringing noise and everyone starts panicking. People start jumping in to the pool and I think that there must be a gun man or some kind of terrorist at the hotel. Then the ringing stops and my parents come running up to me. My mom is carrying my baby brother (except I don’t have a baby brother. But in the dream, I’m not surprised that I have a brother and think that it’s completely normal). My parents tell me that my dog (that I love) has been killed and that her throat was slit. They then tell me about how this can’t be an accident because someone also threw a rock through our house and set my brother’s dorm room on fire.
The rest of the dream is basically me crying hysterically about the death of my dog.
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