Question: This has happened to me several times before and only recently has it started acting up again. Last night I was asleep but awake, or so I thought.
I could not move. I was on my back and it was dark. I saw my husband and he was asleep. Then this ghostly demonic figure flies around the room taunting me.I was terrified, I wanted to get my husbands attention but he would not wake up. I wanted to move but I couldn’t. In my head I was screaming but no words were coming from my mouth.The ghostly figure flew in my face grinned devilishly and then possessed my husband. My husband then started choking me. I still couldn’t move! I was so terrified.All of the sudden I had an out of body experience and started jabbing my husband to wake up and it was like he was dead. I started pulling him but his body was limp. I didn’t know if he was asleep or dead.I kept trying to tell him to wake up and I tried to carry him towards a light switch so I could turn on a light. I suddenly came to my senses and woke up for real.