Question: I was walking along a neighborhood street with my friend and passed by a wonderfully designed Macy’s store. I thought to myself: when did Macy’s change its design so drastically? This new design is indeed a work of architectural art! Suddenly we felt the ground rumble and shake. A bomber jet flew passed above our heads and suddenly three different missiles struck the plane and I see the plane crash in the distance. Noxious fumes were immediately released within the vicinity and I realized that our city has been attacked by a terrorist organization. I immediately proceed to dial my father’s cellphone in hopes of letting him know the dire situation but communication lines were blocked. I run into a two-story house to make sure that my laptop was still safe and secure in my backpack. I proceed to move my backpack downstairs to an empty chair and run back outside to observe the scene. All of a sudden, I began to worry that someone may have taken my backpack and I recruit my friend to help me look for it. It was no longer where I had put it before and we frantically try to locate my precious laptop while the noxious fume starts to become overbearingly strong. I twitched and woke up to the strong, smoky smell of frying bacon! ?So Audrey…I just had a crazy dream?lots of smoke was involved??

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