Question: My 17 year old son had been studying a lot for two nights and wasn’t getting much sleep. The following morning when it was time to get up and go to school I noticed that he was still sleeping so I tried to wake him. I started by talking to him and then shaking him a bit but nothing, it was if he were in a coma. I continued to try to wake him by calling his name, rubbing his body.. tickling his feet…nothing!!
After about 15 minutes I noticed that his hands start to shake, his respiration and heart rate were very rapid, I didn’t know what to do! After about 5 minutes he opened his eyes, he just looked forward but I could see that he wasn’t there… finally he spoke and said that he was all sweaty.What happened?? My son has had a few episodes of sleep paralysis and suffers from headaches, He’s been to a neurologist and he did a CAT scan and blood test which fortunately came out without any problems. Nobody can tell me what happened….