Question: I would like to share a really unique experience with dreaming. It all started very gradually. Now I am able to term all the things that were happening after some research on internet, but at that time i was not aware whats going on.
Coming to my story, I had reacquiring dream. It appeared randomly sometime two three time in a month or some time simply after a few months. The dream has some definite things, and a little changes every time. Main structure of my dreams goes like this- I am at my home village, and the place is under some attack by an external force. I am a teenage boy in dream. I see my family member and friends also in dream. Some time I am delivering news and goods to our soldier, sometime I am spying in enemy camps. Sometime I am in school teaching my friends how to use a gun which i learned from a soldier. I would have dream for hours and live many days of this war affected life in my dreams. It was not scary and I liked these dreams. I never died in the dreams. So in last two years, because of my studies and work I made an habit of sleeping late in night and waking up like after nine in morning. My sleep was divided in two parts. First 3-4 hours I have a strong nice sleep, and wake up after that mostly to use the bathroom. In my second sleep I am sleeping like i am half asleep. In this second sleep I started to have this dream more frequently. Many time i would wake up in middle of dream and seconds or minutes later i would go to sleep again and continued the dream. I don’t know when was the first time but many time I am able to control the dream.For example In one dream I was captured by enemies and they were about to kill me. I was waiting for my father and soldier’s team to rescue me but they were not there. I woke up at that point very anxious, In my full conscience I thought about the dream, course I didn’t wanted to die. I went for sleep and went on continuing dreaming. Very soon I was rescued killing all enemies as I thought in my mind. I enjoy this phenomenon, though sometimes it is very exhausting. I feel very dull for whole day.Sorry for poor English and thank you for reading.