Question: I have been sleep talking since my preteen years. My parents and aunty have told me several times that I talk, laugh and even cry and shout in my sleep. I was not aware of this until last year when I caught myself sleep talking.
On several occasions I would wake up in the middle of a sentence. On other occasions I have been conscious of the fact that I was talking (in my sleep) but I was unable to stop myself from doing so. Sometimes, I think that I’m dreaming and uttering those words in my dream. It is hard for me to recollect what I’ve said in my sleep immediately after waking up. However, after a few hours it comes back to me.I usually sleep talk about my boyfriend or have conversations with him even though he’s not next to me. I’ve also realised that I sleep talk only on the days that I’m feeling sad, angry or frustrated.Is there something wrong with me or does this happen to everyone?