Question: I’m a 23 year old white male for the record. I was about an hour into my sleep when I had my “episode” I suppose. Which I don’t think falls into REM sleep. I dreamt of a brutal car accident (yes I was sleeping in my car at the time, and in the accident) and some men were near, I couldn’t see them yet, but only feel their presence and wonder why they wouldn’t help me. I tried for what seemed like forever to get up but I couldn’t move and thought I might have broke my back or something to that effect.
I eventually got up (so slowly) and got out of the car and sat down a few feet with the steering wheel. That is when I saw the two men waiting for me. Next I was back in the car and awake. I couldn’t move and it felt like forever. I have lots of Zombie dreams and although I was awake, I was in a end of the world type zombie scenario and was trying my hardest to get up and just couldn’t budge. Finally the two men came up and said some words, something to do with how they were going to get so messed up (high) from my blood. Then I felt terrified as I couldn’t move, scream or even ask them why. Finally, Something came out of his vein, like a worm. He laughed and then he was gone and for the longest time (it felt and might have been, I’m unsure) I lay there, motionless, trying with every fiber of my being to wake up and move. Finally I was able to move and stumbled out of the car, forgetting the keys and believing I was still dreaming. I tried to walk (more like phase) into the door, unsuccessfully of course. So I went back to get the keys, stumbling, and slowly realized I was awake. Definitely one of the worst dreams and experiences I’ve ever dealt with, I’ve always paid attention to my dreams, what a dream to remember.