Question: Ever since I was about 12 I have experienced these episodes of not being able to move upon going to sleep. It scares the crap out of me. When I was in the pre teen and teen years I would hear an infant crying the whole time. I would wake up the next day with severe headaches and unable to function fully.
When I hit my 20’s and 30’s it has increased to feeling like an out of body experience. Plus the paralysis. The most recent episode was last night. I tried to call out or yell for help once again and of course nothing comes out. It seemed as if it lasted for a very long time. I woke up today dizzy, tired, and just miserable. I even cancelled any plans I had. I was scared that I couldn’t drive safely due to the dizziness and the anxiety I am feeling now.I will admit I didn’t say much to people because I felt I was crazy or had major mental issues. I have done a sleep study but of course nothing happened that night. I didn’t even snore. Yes I did develop another excruciating headache and just have had the dropsies. This is frightening experience.