Question: For a long period of time I was very stressed and unhappy with my life. During this period of time very often I would wake up completely immobile, and hallucinating. The most common thing I saw would be bleeding walls. I’d wake up and my walls would be dripping a thick black substance. A lot of other times I’d have conversations with people that weren’t there. In these conversations I’ve sat in bed for up to what felt like a half an hour talking to figures like Bigfoot, Clark Gable, H.P. Lovecraft, and even the devil. The hallucinations were incredibly vivid. But I looked into it and discovered that I wasn’t just crazy, that this happened to other people. Since then I’ve tried different methods and read different ideas and I’ve figured out that I’m less likely to have an episode if I keep a regular sleep schedule, sleep on my side, and most importantly–keep a low level of stress. Where I used to dread going to sleep because of this, I now use it as in internal indicator that I need to change something in my life. Thanks sleep paralysis!