Question: I was about 17 when I first had sleep paralysis.
I remember being in a deep sleep, one of the best if I remember right. I felt a strange force, as if it something was entering my body, it started in my feet and then slowly crept up to my head.That’s when I really felt something had entered my body, my eyes immediately opened to see the familiar sights of my family home bedroom.Instantly I gazed around in panic, trying to move any way I could, I wasn’t moving anywhere, this terrified me. I had never felt this sensation before.Out of nowhere I started to hear strange screeching cat noises, like a cat’s mating noise right in my ear, at this point I really felt like I was being possessed by something. Then I remember looking up to the ceiling and seeing a dark shadows hovering above my head but I couldn’t move to do anything!After that, I felt my sheets move. Immediately looking down to them I saw my sheets slowly being pulled away from me, this was when the panic really set in. I’m a big fan of Horror movies and have seen this happen before, they were the parts that really creeped me out!Then as it started, the force seemed to withdraw from my body, from my head, down to my feet, and just like that it was over, I could move again.I remember screaming in panic, but I was alone in the house that night so nobody could help me!This seemed like it went on for hours, but it could of been 10 seconds for all I knew.This was my first occurrence and I still have them all the time and I’m 22 now. I think mildly dabbling in ecstasy in my younger days could of triggered this off but who knows!When I have them now, I can sense when they’re coming and know just to not open my eyes, I can still sense there’s something in the room with me, but the hallucinations are the most disturbing part about them.They also occur one after the other for me up to 15 times in a night. I just see them as a nuisance now!Remember just keep your eyes closed, or for the people that are aware exactly what is happening ride it out and embrace it! See it as your own written horror story and that your not going to die, Sometimes it’s fun!Comment if you need advice, I’m an expert on this!