Question: This morning, my husband says, “When I went to bed last night you immediately got up, went into the bathroom, then got back into bed. You were OUT though. I tried to talk to you and you simply snored.” I told him that I remembered him getting into bed, realized I /really/ had to urinate, got up, noted that the bathroom light was already on, vaguely remember lifting the lid, and… nothing else.
This was a simple one, and classic sleepwalking due to an internal and external stimuli. In the past, however, as a young adult, I have also been known to type complete sentences (albeit unrelated to previous conversations) in chat windows, wake up signing in my sleep (I suppose this is sleeptalking?), wandering around the house, finding new sleeping places, kicking (poor hubby), and once I even woke up to find myself completely wrapped up in a blanket, unable to move my arms, and I’d somehow fallen asleep on the couch on my head – not where I remembered going to lay down. This latter story had me baffled for years, and for a couple of hours after I woke with the neckache of a lifetime, I went around the house checking for a break-in because I was convinced I could not have done that to myself (I lived alone at the time). To this day, I cannot even guess as to how I’d do that one, especially in my sleep.Recently I had a sleep study done but haven’t gotten the results and probably won’t ’til next year. It is thought that I might have sleep apnea. I almost regret having done anything about this, because I’ve always found my sleep patterns to be very intriguing to me. Sleepwalking is not the most interesting aspect of things… I find my dreams to have been much more fun, especially when I would lucid-dream and solve problems in my sleep. Still, things like last night do amaze me, one moment totally aware of what I was doing, the next, outlikealight again. LOL!