Question: I recently had a dream that I was back in my hometown and in high school again. I must have been a sophomore again because there were students present that graduated two years before me. In my dream I was at school and it was my good friends birthday. The quad of my school did not look like it usually did. Instead, it had been transformed into a large, cement outdoor dance floor that I remember from a party of my childhood. My entire school was out on the dance floor. We were all holding hands in circles. Circles inside circles inside circles of happy students holding hands. Alternating circles spun in different directions. The Jewish Bat Mitzvah song “Hava Nagila” was playing. In the middle of all the circles, four big senior boys were dancing around in circles, each holding a lag of a chair. In the chair was my friend with her big afro. I remember my seeing everything blurred from all the spinning. As I woke up, I felt like I was melting away from the dream world. I awoke with a feeling of warmth and joy.

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