Question: I was back in Hawaii at a beach that I had never seen before. My friends and I sat on huge rocks that rose straight out of the water. As we watched the waves break right in front of us, me and my friend Natalie sat cross-legged and listened to music on our laptops. A huge wave approached the rock and we were so amazed by it that we just sat there and watched it smash up against our giant rock. I ran to higher grounds where my friend Michelle led me across a bridge to safer lands in China. Natalie tried to protect her laptop, but was swept away by the current.
As we were crossing the wooden bridge to reach China, I looked down and saw a rushing river where Chinese maidens were gathering vegetables. I tried to look forward in order that I did not fall off the bridge. As we reached the other side, Natalie came out of nowhere and rejoined our group. We settled into a tree house and picked bananas to give to the Chinese maidens who soon became our friends and showed us how to hunt for food in the jungles.
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