Question: I have lucid dreams, but they never start that way. When I become aware that I am in a dream, I usually wake up shortly after, but just before awakening it seems as though the dream knows I am aware and stops the illusion “play” and it becomes stale and I can no longer interact with it, therefore I wake up.
I am never able to make things happen, and when I try, I start to go in and out of the dream and finally awake, disappointed and I also feel less rested than I would with a pure dream state, where I am engrossed in a dream, with no consciousness, no control. I feel this is where rest lies, when you are relaxed with your body along with your mind, in a state of low electricity and paralysis.Reading literature on dreams and dream analysis can make you start to dream more interestingly, Furthermore, reading about sleep disorders can also have the same effect. It is almost like hypnotizing yourself without knowing it.We tend to dream about the previous day, so whatever form that takes, you can change the outcome of the dream, though maybe not through a lucid dream.