Question: While infrequent, I start to beat my wife at night while sometimes shouting things like “get out”. She usually manages to restrain me – or jump out of bed to avoid my violent thrashing. I seem to try to beat her (or someone) and if I have any memory of it (like in a dream) the “beating” is not like aiming a fist, but banging a fist downward like a hammer. I frequently have absolutely no knowledge of what I do – complete blank. Other times it is associated with with panic and fear. I ofter wonder if some childhood negative treatment has effected me.
This does not happen all that often – perhaps 3-4 times a year and my wife is very tolerant but I would dearly love to be able to find some way of avoiding the very upsetting incidents.I get a bit depressed – and when in a low state I often wake up – or half wake – and see someone bending over the bed or standing close to the bed. It can be a woman or a man, and sometimes not clear which. It is very disturbing – and can sometimes be coupled with a “beating” incident.