Question: Okay, this dream doesn’t make much sense, but then again, no dreams do.
I was riding with my dad and my brother to go visit my mother’s parents… who happened to live in a trailer park. We got out of the car and noticed a huge, steaming volcano nearby, but no one paid any mind to it. Eventually, I got lost in the trailer park. When I found my brother and father, they had no idea who I was. So, I managed to focus so hard that I rewinded the dream to the point in time before I got lost. Anyways, We met our mom’s parents and left for the hotel we were staying at, which was in a huge city.On our way to the car, the nearby volcano erupted. We all raced to the car and drove off to the city. Eventually I asked “Hey dad, can the volcanic eruption reach the city?” He said yes. So when we got to the city, I ran for my life. Then, massive whirlpools/water spouts formed from the ground. Every body freaked out.Then, I noticed that the water spouts were only forming where there were water FOUNTAINS. So I stayed away from most water fountains. Eventually, I got to the hotel, and I saw a HUGE flight of stairs leading up to an open elevator. And there was a HUGE water spout right infront of it. For some reason, my goal was to get to that elevator. And for some reason, my brother, a guy in a wheel chair, and a guy with a mechanical leg
were with me. This made it harder to get up the stairs. When we got to the elevator, we all hanged onto the ceiling, and the elevator started going down. Instead of saying what floor we were on, the elevator stated how fast we were going. The number was at 10 for a bit, but it suddenly accelerated to 300, and then, we passed out.When we awoke, the doors opened and everything was black and white. We had traveled into the past. We talked to the mayor about what happened, and he said that their town just had the same experience with the water spouts. So they destroyed all the water fountains except for one. For some reason, this one didn’t turn into a violent whirlpool.After that, I was suddenly sitting in the back seat of a car, and it was pitch black. I could tell we were running over zombies. I asked the driver what year it was, and he said 1906. I know it’s weird, and I was pretty surprised, too. The next thing I knew, we were in the future, and I was in the same car, except my family was in it with me. We were in a movie theater, even though it was more like a simulation. The car we were in moved around a screen, and there were a ton of zombies on the screen, so we were watching a zombie movie! Then the car stopped, and we exited the theater.I looked at my family and said “That was a good movie, don’t you think?”THE END.
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