Question: I had nothing to do all day so I decided to hike the dish with my friend. When we reached the top, I noticed there was a lake. This surprised me because I did not know there was a lake at the top of the dish. I then noticed really strange rocks that were shaped like turtles. They were very exact as if someone had carved them to look like this but I was under the impression that the they were not carved. The rocks were just naturally shaped like turtles. My friend jumped in the lake and began to swim because it was a nice day. I then jumped in after him.
After swimming to the middle of the lake, I noticed that the Loch Ness monster was swimming around us. I became very frightened, but I then realized that it was friendly. It let us pet it and then we got on it and rode on his back as it swam really fast across the. We played with it for quite a while then decided to get out and walk back to our dorm when it became dark outside.
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