Question: 2/25/13 – About 2 months ago or less I started talking in my sleep. The weird part about this is that I hear myself talking and hold a conversation with myself. One night I was talking about eating and I realized I was chewing on my blanket.
I talk so much that I am not getting any quality sleep at night. My husband will say my name and I hear him and understand clearly what he wants which is for me to stop talking. He has now told me not to talk to him 2 hours before we go to bed because I am talking all night and I know I am, I cannot stop it. One night I yelled out my ex-husbands name, I heard me saying it and immediately look at my husband to see if I woke him up and if he heard me.One morning I woke up and looked at my husband and asked him a question and he said, “Oh, are you awake now talking to me? Because I cannot tell if you are awake or sleeping anymore”. At night when I talk, I speak very clearly and it is hard for someone else to tell if I am awake or not.Bottom line, every night I talk out loud, it is very clear, I hear myself clearly, I hear my husband telling me to stop, my son tells me to stop. The weird thing about this is that because I know it is bothering my husband, when I start talking I am now starting to whisper. I clearly hear myself talking normal then go into a whisper so I do not wake my husband or son and continue on with my conversation. I also hear
my answers because when I talk I answer myself as well. When I awake in the morning I know exactly what I was talking about and how I answered any questions. My conversations are innocent and laughable and aside from saying ex-husbands name, everything I say is like having a normal conversation although, eating my blanket was strange, I was talking about hamburgers when I did that. I do not eat beef at all but that night blanket or not it tasted so good. In the morning I tell my husband what I was saying, just to make sure I was hearing myself correctly and when I tell him what I said, he clarifies it for me so I know it is not my imagination.I am never violent, I never thrash around, I never get out of bed, I feel my throat is dry so I will take a sip of my water. I hear everything I say and I know what I am doing I just do not know why…do you? When thinking about an answer please remember I do this every night. I would also like to add that I am 50 years old and have never had this happen before and the first time I talked and heard myself talking back, having a normal conversation I thought what the hell was that all about. From what I can tell, I am not dreaming nor are my conversations based on a dream and if I am dreaming I am saying my dreams out loud ex: the hamburger, that had to have been a dream that I acted out on because I was aware that I was chewing. I do not feel nuts, I do not feel crazy, I feel tired.