Question: At first I hear buzzing and I look around the room. I know I’m awake because the door to the closet is open and I remember leaving it shut. (My husband gets up earlier than I do and leaves it open usually). We have an attic in our closet, so I thought of an alien being there.
I don’t know if I imagined this or not, but I felt a dark, warm, unwanted presence behind me. Just as I was about to scream, it invaded my body. I tried to scream but I only got that airy scream. On the third try, I didn’t scream aloud but I ‘woke up’ and was able to move. This is the second time that I can remember this has happened. I’m 22 and female.I think this could be related to either me drinking loads of caffeine before going to bed or sleep deprivation, as I have been switching from a morning schedule back to a night schedule… And back to mornings.I really thought I was alone in this and I’m so glad I’ve found others experiencing the same thing. I’m still scared to sleep, but it’s more comforting knowing it isn’t life threatening.