Question: The dream began with my washing my hands at a sink. I walked out of the bathroom only to find that the bathroom was attached to the sealed cage of a group of parrots in a zoo. Confused, I walked around the unusually large cage, and back into the bathroom trying to figure out how exactly I ended up in this place. After about five minutes I decided that any attempt to escape was futile and decided that my best bet was to strike up a conversation with the parrots. Turns out they didn’t appreciate conversation unles it was in regrds to physics, particularly Electric and magnetic fields (I assume this is because I had a physics exam the next morning and saying that i was unprepared is an understatement). This was definitely not how I wanted to spend my day at the zoo so I reverted to yelling out of the cage in an attempt to be rescued. My screams bore an uncanny resemblance to the screachings of a parrot and of course i was wearing bright red and yellow and for some reason had some type of feathered headband on my head. This explains why a parent and child came up to the parrot cage and exclaimed “what a weird, oversized parrot!”

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