Question: Last night was the first time I have experienced this phenomenon, and it is truly terrifying.
I remember having somewhat of a ‘bad dream’ at the time, and that I was being chased by an unknown woman. Upon wakening, or so I thought, I realised I could not move my body, so I tried closing my eyes again to sleep but no sleep came. Opening them again, I saw the woman in my room turning to face me and pointing in my direction. Closing my eyes again, I opened them to see a dark shape in front of my face, so I tried to move my hand to shake it away and nothing happened.My partner was asleep by my side, and I couldn’t do anything to wake him up to help me, no attempts at waving, moving my legs or even screaming helped.This was an absolutely horrific experience, and not something I want to ever have happen again. I’d heard about these things happening, in fact I remember having watched a program on sleep disorders, including this, a number of years ago.I’m genuinely scared to sleep in case this happens again! Stories of re-occuring hallucinations alongside iSP have me worried of it happening again… I hope they don’t in my case!