Question: I mean, I don’t know what in the world was the cause of this crazy dream I had last night. While I cannot remember all of what occurred in the dream – though I do know there were spider/ other insect legs involved – and other parts of the dream are far too explicit to recount – such as a heavily erotic, uncomfortable, and highly disturbing event that took place in a pool- what I can remember is absurd. Basically, my aunt came and all of these secretive things were taking place and everyone in the family was all hot and bothered with one another.
Then, we changed locations and my aunt, whole only represented my aunt, but was actually some random actress, started making out with this old guy, who represented my grandfather – or rather, maybe my uncle’s dad…not sure – but again, actually looked nothing like him. It started as like an affectionate thing, but shortly turned weird and freaky. Everyone in the family obviously started getting really upset with my aunt and the rest is sort of hazy. In any case, this is one of the several dreams I have had in my life where I couldn’t have been happier to finally wake up!
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