Question: I found myself sitting inside a crowd-packed Staples Center in Los Angeles watching an NBA basketball game between the Lakers and the Dallas Mavericks. The game was extremely entertaining, coming down to the wire at the end of the fourth quarter. Finally, with only 2 seconds remaining on the clock, the Lakers had the ball on their side of the court, and they were down by two points. Somehow, when both teams broke their huddles at the end of the timeout, I was on the court, wearing a purple and gold Lakers jersey, with the number 24 on it. I had transformed into Kobe Bryant.
The ref blew his whistle and handed the ball to the inbounder. A teammate came up from the bottom of the lane and set a powerful screen for me. I came flying around it, and barely caught the ball in the corner right in front of the Laker bench, with my feet just barely staying inbounds. As quickly as I could, I twisted my body to square up to the basket, and let the shot fly. It felt like it stayed in the air for days. Just as the buzzer rang, the ball fell through the hoop, a perfect swish. I jumped up and down as the crowd went nuts, and as my teams jumped on top of me, I woke up.
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