Question: After the night terrors started getting worse.
A few months into the night terrors

My 20 month old son started having night terrors when he was about the age of 10 months. They were very random and I thought it was because of him teething. They started around the time he was getting his one year molars in.
Recently however, he has numerous terrors every night and he has even had quiet a few nightmares. Last weekend he said that the boogey monster man was in his chair in his room and he refused to go into his room for two days. We ended up switching him to a different room because of this.His behavior has become extremely different than the happy child that I’m used to. He used to be curious about everything and now he started screaming and tantruming at every little tiny thing that he can’t figure out or when we tell him no.He has to go to a sleep study but it’s not for another month. I’m wondering if there is anything at all that I can do to help him sleep or not have terrors. Nothing has changed in the house in the last three months, he has the same bedtime routine. He has also begun to say strange things such as the boogey man, and Caydens a bad boy, and don’t hurt me.. We have never said anything about the boogey man or bad boy and we have never hurt him.I’m worried that his not sleeping is changing his behavior and I’ve already taken him to his doctor but they can’t do anything or give us any answers until his sleep study.